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Focusfire provides IT strategy and consulting services to small businesses.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired about technology, let's talk.

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Putting Out The Fire & Then Helping Avoid Future Ones

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Chris Dodds

Focusfire is for companies with human people, who need rescue from technology problems.

I’m Chris Dodds. I provide IT rescue and IT sanity.

And I’m a human, too. So I keep the tech-speak light, leave the sales-pitch out of it, and make putting out your fire, my focus.

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Jarin DykstraGood advice. Excellent Training. Humor. Focusfire makes technology interesting again, and helps our team get it right when making critical decisions. We are glad they are here to help! - Jarin Dykstra, VP & CIO, Essar Resources, Inc.
David RigganOur company, with almost $500 million in annual sales and minimal IT sophistication needed a plan to move to very effective and efficient structure. Focusfire resources provided the plan and served Trinity Coal extremely well. - David C. Riggan, SVP & CFO, Trinity Coal Corporation